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white subway tile kitchen backsplash photos – While many homeowners choose a backsplash that covers the area between their kitchen’s countertops and cabinets, a kitchen counter backsplash is an excellent option for anyone looking for an attractive and efficient all-in-one design.

Available in a wide array of styles, materials and colors, kitchen counter backsplashes do double duty, adding visual allure in addition to protecting your kitchen’s walls from cooking and cleaning spatter.

white subway tile kitchen backsplash photos

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If you’re contemplating a kitchen counter backsplash for your residence, the first task will be to select which materials you need to use. Most common kitchen countertop materials can include a connected backsplash, either being a feature with the initial design, or just as one addition following the fact. The chief difference between a traditional “wall-attached” backsplash as well as a kitchen counter backsplash is that the kitchen counter backsplash is really connected to the countertop, either via adherence of some sort or in a cut or molded initial design. For this reason, some with the simplest and most cost-effective kitchen counter backsplash combinations are produced from man-made materials like laminate and Formica, which could be easily shaped to create countertops featuring an attached backsplash.

For higher-end materials like granite as well as other types of stone, the backsplash may need to be cut and measured separately from the countertops and after that attached after the countertops are actually installed. It’s possible to cut stone countertops with backsplashes attached, nevertheless the process is a bit more labor intensive—and therefore higher priced.

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When you decide for the materials you’ll feature with your kitchen countertop backsplash, it’s time to figure out how much you will want. You can calculate this figure for the backsplash as well as the countertops within the same way—simply calculate the square footage of the area you should cover, and you will recognize how much material to source. Remember that for a connected countertop/backsplash combination, both measurements will likely be separate and you’ll need to account and source materials for about two pieces of the puzzle—the countertops as well as the backsplash.
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Once you’ve got the measurement at hand, it is time to source the types of materials for the kitchen countertop backsplash. You’ll have plenty of options, since several home improvement stores stock a multitude of countertop and backsplash materials. You can also peruse a near-infinite selection online, or, if you’re looking for any more custom approach, search to get a tile or countertop specialty store nearby.

With the countertop backsplash materials at hand, it’s time to begin your backsplash project. You’ve got two options in terms of installing your countertop/backsplash combo—you can set it up yourself, or you can hire a professional to install it for you. In general, countertops certainly are a fairly advanced installation, particularly if they involve cutting and sizing of materials (especially stone). If you haven’t installed countertops before, it’s probably better to consider getting a professional—you’ll pay more, but you’ll save some time and be able to be assured that the job has been done exactly to your specifications.

white subway tile kitchen backsplash photos collection

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