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painted kitchen backsplash photos – Creative backsplash ideas are saved to display in numerous homes, with good reason—they can add tremendous personality and visual interest to your kitchen.

Your choices for creative backsplashes are only about limitless, and ultimately the only real constraints on the distinctive backsplash you ultimately choose has to be your imagination and your net profit.

painted kitchen backsplash photos

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Before selecting a mode or materials for the creative kitchen backsplash, you need to define the size—both physical and economic—of assembling your shed. Measuring the surface part of the walls above your kitchen countertops to determine the sq footage you would like to cover is a superb starting point, but keep in mind that that you do not have always to pay for the entire kitchen wall using the backsplash (in fact, that design might be too overwhelming, particularly when your intent is only to get creative and have an eye-catching backsplash). When it comes to floor, many homeowners choose to cover only the portion that may actually get “splashed” during cooking or daily kitchen activities—depending on your home’s layout, that may be the whole wall, half it or only a small portion.
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Once you’ve settled around the scope of one’s creative backsplash project, you’re absolve to start brainstorming ideas for the types of materials and theme of the backsplash. It’s definitely possible to install an innovative backsplash using common materials like ceramic tile or stone in traditional styles like mosaic or subway, but when you have been looking to flex your creative muscles, you will probably desire to explore more non-traditional materials. Reclaimed and repurposed materials—from punched tin ceiling tiles to things such as bottle caps, coasters, used gift cards and even pennies—can alllow for an impressively creative and visually appealing backsplash in your home. Most creative backsplash ideas that incorporate found materials like these will require some DIY investment from you when it comes to time (to research in order to find the best materials) and budget (to buy the type of material, unless they’re already in abundant supply). But whatever you spend with regards to sweat equity and research time, you’ll greater than replace in price savings by devoid of to employ a contractor or pay expensive to get more traditional materials.
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Creative backsplashes doesn’t have to be made from found items, though—they can be much easier, and as colorful and visually appealing. Many homeowners seeking to give a uniquely creative design for their kitchen have begun to feature “paper” backsplashes. Featuring interesting designs and bold colors on materials like durable scrapbook paper, old newspaper pages, and even magazine image collages, these backsplashes provide lots of visual punch at a fraction of the price of ones made out of tile, metal or stone. If you find this approach appealing, all you will have to do is procure the paper, glue or paste it towards the wall, then coat it which has a finish that can protect the paper and enable that you easily wipe it clean.

painted kitchen backsplash photos collection

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