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Get inspired improve your home using these clever kitchen backsplash alternatives. Playing around with color is daunting, but that’s why a backsplash is perfect. It can develop a subtle pop in a neutral kitchen, or help to increase a previously bold room with little or no develop account. It doesn’t matter if the ideal kitchen is rustic and comfy, or modern and sleek, these kitchen backsplash alternatives have you covered.

Granite is among the most sought-after materials in kitchen design, as it can certainly lend a high-end, refined touch to the kitchen. Pairing the right backsplash with your granite countertops—in terms of material, color, pattern and texture—is a significant part of creating your home you’ve always dreamed of.

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Your primary choice when planning your kitchen backsplash must do with scope. Exactly how much backsplash do you need in order to create the ideal pairing along with your granite countertops? To determine the scope of your respective backsplash, first evaluate if you want it to cover whether portion or the entirety of your kitchen’s walls above your granite countertops. Some homeowners opt for the former, incorporating a more understated, low-profile backsplash, whereas others opt big and bold having a backsplash that covers the complete wall between your countertops and cabinets. When you’ve decided how much surface area you would like to pay, simply measure and calculate the sq footage in order to determine the amount backsplash material you will want.
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Now you know how much material you will need, you’re ready to choose the type of backsplash you’ll install above your granite countertops. Your options here is going to be extensive, including traditional ceramic tile, visually dynamic mosaics, glass, stainless-steel plus an assortment of stone materials (including granite, if you opt to match the countertops and backsplash).
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Within the various material categories, you will discover a variety of styles, colors, textures and pricing tiers. For example, ceramic tile is generally probably the most acquireable the other with the cheapest options for a backsplash, whereas stainless, glass and stone will put a bit more strain on your wallet. You can also go for more crafty DIY options like boldly patterned vinyl wallpaper or even found or recycled stuff like bottle caps for the backsplash, adding an individual touch and plenty of visual interest to your kitchen area design.

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