Need to buy a cross cut paper shredder for your office or own personal use? Are you having trouble finding a cross cut paper shredder that’s right for you, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I know five of the best cross cut shredders to get and where to purchases them.

The first cross cut shredder that is worth purchasing is “Royal 7-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder.” It is perfect for your own home personal office. The shredder comes with a 26 liter wire mesh basket and the shredder itself can shred seven sheets of paper at a time and turn it into graphite in no time. You can be sure once you put important sheets of paper through the shredder with personal information on it, that the paper will be destroyed completely so no one can read or use your personal information for identity thief purposes. The paper shredder has a forward, backwards, and auto off button on top of the shredder to use to control your paper shredder. You can purchase Royal 7-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder on Amazon.Com for forty dollars easily, but if you don’t like the Royal 7-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder they do sell other paper shredders such as the “Fellowes p70cm Crosscutter,” for a little bit less, but I would recommend the Royal 7-Sheet Crosscutter Paper Shredder myself.

The second cross cut paper shredder I would recommend buying for a large work office is “Formax FD 8700CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder.” It has steel cross cutters built into it, an auto start and stop button, a reverse button that clears big paper jams, an auto sensor for when the waste bucket is full of shredded paper and needs to be empty, a self diagnostic system built into it, and an easy to use led control panel. The cost of this paper shredder is $1,975.00 dollars, which is fairly cheap for a large work office shredder. You can be sure this shredder doesn’t mess around and destroys personal information when you put important papers through it. The best place to buy Formax FD 8700CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder is online at Factory Express.

The third best cross cut paper shredder to purchase is great for small offices and personal use and it is the “Aurora AS662C Cross Cutter Paper Shredder,” and it can be purchased at ACE online or directly from one of their stores. The cost of this Aurora Cross Cutter is around $38.00 dollars, which is very inexpensive. The Aurora Cross Cutter comes with a three gallon basket, an auto start button, an over heat button, a reverse button to stop paper jams from happening, and can shredded six sheets of paper into graphite in no time. You can be sure all personal information on any sheet of paper that your put through this machine will be completely destroyed.

The fourth cross cut paper shredder that is awesome to have for really destroying important information on papers is the “GSA Dahle 20330 Small Office Level.” It is a great paper shredder to have for small offices and personal use. It has a automatic on and off button, it can shred five sheets of paper at a time, has a self compacter so the basket can fit more shredded paper in it, a soft touch control panel, an over heating monitor, blades that shredded paper in two directions, and a reverse button that helps stop paper jams. The cost of the GSA Dahle 20330 shredder is $830.00 dollars, which is a bit pricey, but it will last you a life time so it is worth it. You can purchase this shredder at

The fifth and last cross cut paper shredded that is great for all types of uses is the “High Security Paper Shredder.” It is the perfect shredder to use for shredding personal documents and personal information such as medical records, bills, and account numbers. The shredder is an HSM model and can shred 6 sheets of paper at a time and 18 feet worth of paper in one minute, which is really fast. The High Security Shredder can also has an auto on and off button, a paper waste basket built into it, a senor that tells you when you need to empty your paper shredder, reverse buttons to release paper jams, and cross blades built into it to shred the paper in multiple different ways turning the paper into graphite. You can purchase this shredder online at for $800.00 dollars.

Well I hope all this information helps those of you out who are looking to purchase a cross cut paper shredder. I know these are the top five best shredders out there to get these days and I wouldn’t recommend any others. I wish all of you paper shredder machine hunters the best of luck at finding the right paper shredder for you, and I hope you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for one.

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