Trying to sell Bud in Germany is like trying to sell smelly ice in the North Pole.

Bud is considered an “imported beer” in Spain and thus pricier than local beers and usually as expensive as real imported beers. That why nobody drinks beer here.

Hello from Canada

Last summer, my fiancée and I spent a wonderful week in Munich seeing the sights and drinking all the wonderful beer.
That Anheuser-Busch is forcing their swill down your throats is a travesty.  Good luck, and keep those purity laws!
A Canadian joke for you . . .

Q: Why is Budweiser like sex in a canoe?
A: Because it’s f**king close to water!


my first drinking experience was a few Heinekens and even though I scraped my hand not knowing it was a “pop-off” cap, it was still the best beer I’ve ever had! Everyone I know drinks lousy beer: my mom-Bud Light, my boyfriend, Natural Light. Their excuse is that it’s cheap. I’d rather save my money for Heineken, on the occasions that I do drink. And you know what, the piece of shit plastic Bud Light bottle opener hardly even opens my bottles of Heinie! Even the AB acessories suck! It’s no wonder their stock is doing so bad.


Hi, friends,
I’m brazilian, but I know German, British, Aussie, Belgian, Italian, Spanish,
Brazilian and American beer.
There’s no doubt German beer is the true beer! And the American is as false as
what they call “football”…
An American beer sponsoring a World Cup in German is plain offensive.

Cheers Marcel L.

Agreed! I love watching the World Cup (on TV) but hate
Budweiser here and elsewhere. Praise to your website!
An American who loves real beer

More power to you!

As an American (unfortunately in this day and age) I have to put up with the
indignity of dishwater beers like Budweiser crowding out true quality beers
in bars all across America. There’s a small but strong-willed contingent of
craft beer and import beer lovers in the US that are doing all they can to
support real beer. But thank God for the Germans, standing up for real beer
against the marketing juggernaut of America’s pathetic rice creations. Best
of luck to you in your noble endeavors! Down with Bud!!


Hello Germans Everywhere:
I am an American and I’m writing this to inform you that I totally agree with you that Anheuser-Busch’s ‘Budweiser’ SUCKS!!!  Your German beers, of many and all styles, are ten times better than that piss water they call Bud.  You guys are right!  Don’t spend one dollar on the nasty, cheap, American Budweiser. Drink your delicious German beers, and boycott Bud completely.  I hope it works for you and they never come back again.

  Tony D. E.

Many Americans agree with you…Bud is fit only for a dog.

Chicago, USA

I couldn’t agree more, but somebody accepted some Yankee Dollars to pour that stuff.  We do have some great beer here in the States from our microbrewies.

Pete S.

I agree with you.  Sending from Spain my love to Deutchland and your beers.  No Bud, no Coronita nothing but German Beer!  PROST

Budweiser is Great
You people are crazy… Budweiser is better than any German beer I have ever tasted! Get a life moron!

Be advised that there are many of us in the U.S. who detest Budweiser as much as our European friends.
Good job.

Bud is garbage.  Michelob Ultra should not be called beer.  Bud wants to sell large quantities of poor quality beer.  I prefer to drink only a few
good beers such as Schneider HefeWeissen.

Alfred W. T. III

Budweiser does suck …. as an American, trust me I know it is pisswater. However, you should complain to the beermakers in Germany, they were the ones that were
too fucking cheap to buy the rights. Just buy Bittburger you kraut pussy!

As some one who has lived his entire life in America I can only agree with Bud Out.  Budweiser (and most American beers, like Coors or Miller, for that matter) is cheap and disgusitng.

God Bless you.  Any real American beer drinker hates Budweiser.  I was appalled and disgusted that Budweiser was the only choice in a great beer country like Deutschland.
Keep up the fight and never ever drink that dishwater known as Budweiser.  (Jester of Beers) –

John S.

Fuck off you self-congratulatory Nazi fuck heads! Drink the Budweiser and shut your sausage hole!

I just wanted to make sure you guys know that not all Americans like Budweiser. In my mind, drinking Budweiser in Germany would be like smoking dirt in Amsterdam!

Phil, who wants to move to Europe


I’m a US citizen and we also think Budwieser is
dishwater. (we generally refer to it as piss)

The idea of canned beer is revolting to begin with.

I respect the purity act of 1516.

I prefer Tucher, or Paulaner which I suspect is
your Budwieser equivalent.<g>

Hefewiessen, Celebrator, Bajuvator, Salvatore…
A meal by themselves. The smell of yeast,
I must have one now.

Please don’t judge our country on the basis of
the crap we call beer.

I do all I can to introduce people to decent beer.

Many find it utterly foreign to taste real beer and
go back to their urine, but there are many of us
that appreciate good beer.

Perhaps being born in Baumholder has helped.

Forgive us for the crap we have foisted upon you.

I simply pour Budwieser directly into the toilet
to streamline it’s consumption.

Landrum R H.
Berea, KY. US

Bud??? Even us American’s won’t touch a Bud, at least the self-respecting ones.

Ihave no picture … but here’s my message: Bud is mass produced American swill cowpiss that should not be allowed to be exported.

don’t have a picture to offer but I just want to say that I’m an American, and I HATE BUDWEISER!  I feel ashamed that you have been subjected to this piss water.  Even our own sports stadiums here offer much better beers.  I can only hope that the reason Budweiser is taking this desparate (and expensive) action is because they are beginning to lose market share in America as Americans slowly come to the realization that Budweiser and other “American Lagers” are complete crap and that there are MUCH better alternatives out there now.  While I’m sure Bud
will always have a huge market in parts of America (especially in the same parts that vote for presidents like Bush), more and more of us refuse to touch it.  I might use it to rinse out my toilet bowl butthat’s about it.

I’m Canadian, and while I’m not sure how you feel about Canadian beer in Germany, I agree with you 100% about Budweiser…it’s a beer for people who don’t like the taste of beer.  It’s brewed differently in Canada for sale on the Canadian market, so the Canadian version is completely different from the stuff in the US, but it’s still crap…I can only imagine how awful the Bud they’re trying to sell you at the World Cup is.
I can’t stand watching the Bud commercials on US television that go on about how everyone in the world loves Budweiser, so thanks for saying something about it!

Good luck in restoring dignity to the World Cup beer tent.